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Why come to us

In our farm you will find the atmosphere and the familiarity of the past, welcome to the customer given the love, the fruit of long years of work.

Working for us means to entertain, make you spend pleasant moments in tranquility and relaxation in nature, suggest what to do, what to see, to convey the essence of country life as we have sent our fathers, to make your journey an experience that will back to the origins, to the camps and the life that derives from it.

An attractive property will warm with the wood of the forest in the winter months and you will find refreshment in warmer periods.

As a company with family character in the table we can bring the products actually grown in the fields below, that differ markedly from supermarkets present in all departments of supermarkets. Tastes real, genuine emotions, serenity of mind, inner well-being, that we want to give you and send you.