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Naturalistic Path
The holiday farm Santantonio Hamlet staff has realized interventions of maintenance and restoration of the most typical elements of the traditional agrarian landscape, hedges, rows, isolated trees and walls to “dry”. They are conclusive in the maintenance of the biodiversity, offering innumerable niches of shelter, reproduction and feeding to so much animals, from the invertebrates to the mammals. The disappearance of these elements, the mechanization and the use of pesticides determined elsewhere, to a large extent from Europe, inclusive Italy, the progressive passing of many specis once very diffused and abundants, like the swallow and the horn howl.
These and other animals, defined by the EEC ” of interest for the EEC” or however threatened, are descripted, within their habitat and the vegetal species, along a naturalistic equipped itinerary that comes loose for around 1 Km. among the fields and the woods of the farm. You can often meet very beautiful animals, such as pheasants, hares, hedgehogs and rapacious like owls and buzzards.

Other Activities
About the sports you can practice within a nature of amazing beauty in the Sibillini Mountains National Park and in Valnerina, it is possible to arrange your horseback excursions in a sporting center in the vicinity, in canoe, canoe and rafting, mountain biking, parapendio and many other activities.